leveldown security conducts cutting edge security research. Here are some of our publications, presented at some of the biggest security conferences in the world.

chip.fail - Glitching the silicon of the connected world

Together with Cryptotronix leveldown security presented research on performing fault-injection attacks onto modern IoT microcontrollers at BlackHat 2019. The slides and resources for the presentation can be found here on chip.fail.

wallet.fail - Breaking the most common hardware wallets

Together with Josh Datko & Dmitry Nedospasov, leveldown security founder Thomas Roth presented vulnerabilities in the most commonly used cryptocurrency hardware wallets. The presentation gained global recognition for its contributions to cryptocurrency security.

SCADA - Gateway to shell

Industrial control systems are often connected to the internet using dedicated gateways. In this presentation leveldown security looked at the security of those gateways and found critical vulnerabilities in all evaluated devices.